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Marketers have consistently said the most critical way to retain and grow your audience, customers, members, or attendees is to have an engaging conversation with them. So why not have a conversation with them — at scale?

Fluent chatbot is the first and most powerful omni-channel chat and voice-powered solution designed specifically for live experiences and beyond. Launch your voice skill or integration at an event, and then continue that conversation at home through any channel you want.

Whether you're an event, conference, corporate marketer or an association, Fluent fills that critical need in your marketing and communications funnel to drive revenue, build audiences and engage at scale on whatever device or place your audience wants.


Fluent not only improves brand engagement but can also help you accomplish your business goals, whether those are to drive revenue and attendance, improve your attendee experience, drive additional sponsorship dollars or other.

Increase registrations, attendance and revenue

Deciding whether to attend an event, conference or other live experience can be a painful customer journey. With Fluent chatbot, turn potential customers into engaged participants through natural conversations by guiding them through the registration or purchasing process.

Improve the attendee experience

On-site at an event can be an annoying experience, as you try to navigate the bevy of tracks, sessions, breakouts, and crowds of people. Give your attendees an easy-to-ask virtual assistant that can point them in the right direction or offer advice on which experiences they should go and see. Reduce your on-site staffing costs with a smart speaker or chat solution.

Sponsorships and additional revenue

Fluent Chatbot can be a sponsored experience! Not just in text, but also as a branded audio experience. With our Chatbot solution, get the ability to sell answers to questions via branded text windows or through audio jingles on smart speaker channels like Amazon Alexa. Sponsors can insert short jingles or "brought to you by" messages before or at the end of user sessions.

Continue the conversation before and after the event

An event is the best launching point for your brand, customer experience or membership journey. With potentially thousands of highly engaged users at your event, continue the conversation when they get home — literally. Offer up-to-date news on your industries in flash briefings. Promote upcoming events and experiences through text channels. Or organize a community in social channels like Facebook Messenger.

Additional use cases

We're only at the beginning of conversational user interfaces. Discover other use cases that you may not have even thought of for your chatbot.

Regular flash or news briefings
Get quick answers to questions
Resolve complaints or problems
Get detailed explanations
Virtual assistant and concierge
Ordering, reservations and e-commerce
Personalized recommendations
Add to mailing lists and news


Web-enabled and mobile-supported chatbot

Fluent chatbot supports traditional web and mobile experiences. You can easily integrate Chatbot into any existing mobile app or website to provide your audience with answers to their most pressing questions — 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Voice-enabled chatbot

Fluent supports both major voice-enabled channels on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With voice-powered chatbots, attendees at your events, exhibit booths, and conferences can simply just ask their questions to an Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Experienced live

Better than any provider out there, Freeman knows events. Allow Freeman to design custom enclosures that enhance audio reception and extend your brand.

Powered by artificial intelligence

Computers are leaping forward from directly processing language to finally understanding language. Chatbot utilizes the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing to bring the right answers to the right audiences at the right time.

Live events and experiences intelligence

The world of events and live experiences has its own jargon from "general session" to "breakout" that is typical in conversational language. Chatbot utilizes Freeman's 90+ years of experience and the multitude of events we produce each year to continually refine a custom machine learning model that focuses specifically on the language of live experiences.

Omnichannel everywhere

Today engaging with your audience means working with several channels, sometimes with their own separate development teams. With our Fluent chatbot solution, offer your content consistently across multiple and an ever-expanding list of channels. Currently supported channels include:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Web & App (HTML5)
  • SMS/Text Message
  • Slack


Create your own Alexa Skill so that users can get information on-demand just by asking their Echo or compatible smart speaker at your event, at home or even in their car.


As search evolves from purely a visual medium to an audio medium, expect voice SEO to be a significant focus making integration into Google a key channel.

Facebook Messenger

Talk personally with your audience. Facebook Messenger integration allows brands to extend their social presence and identify their audience when logged in.

Web & App Integration

Integrate directly with your website or app through a simple embed code or WebView. Users can message you in a branded chat overlays.

SMS/Text Message

Allow your audiences to text or SMS conversations with you through custom shortcodes. Additional charges for message and custom shortcodes may apply.


Use Chatbot in your private and public Slack channels with integrations that combine your  knowledge base to answer common questions and more.

Upcoming channel support

Our goal is to have a literal conversation across whatever channel your audience engages. Over the next few months, we plan on continuing to expand our channels, so that you only have to build your conversations once.

Apple Business Chat

Let us know if there are channels you'd like us to support or prioritize.

Pre-built templates

Developing content for chatbot conversations takes a lot of work. With Fluent, Freeman uses its decades of experience to give users dozens of pre-built conversation templates that answer the most commonly asked questions at live events or for their customers. With our templates, just fill in the blanks or connect your databases and Chatbot does the rest.

Whether it is asking when a session takes place to where the restroom is, Fluent chatbot makes giving the right answers at the right time easy.

Custom DEvelopment

Content management system

Coming soon

It can be a major pain to develop and update potentially hundreds of different pieces of content from common questions, to conversations, to up-to-date answers. Adding additional channels, the problem only gets worse exponentially. Fluent by Freeman will support a full-fledged Content Management System (CMS), giving you the user the ability to create and update hundreds of pieces of content with ease.

Enhanced functionality

Even more powerfully, Fluent by Freeman will allow you to quickly:

  • Search for content
  • Test and develop conversation content
  • Get real-time views of your conversations
  • Activate new channels
  • Train and enhance your model

Insightful analytics

Coming Soon

Fluent by Freeman will support many powerful metrics that tell you how your audiences are engaging with you. With our built-in analytics reports, get information such as:

  • Number of sessions
  • Unique audience members
  • Common utterances and intents
  • Retention
  • Initiations and completions

"I don't understand"

Even more important than the metrics that we do capture are the utterances that we don't understand. Bluntly put, it means we haven't anticipated your audience's needs. By giving you real-time updates on what is being asked and missed, Fluent chatbot ensures that you adapt quickly to your audience's desires.

E-commerce, purchasing and subscriptions

Chatbot can be a revenue-generating opportunity for your business, event or association. Soon provide premium content through subscriptions and purchases such as online learning courses, lectures and more. For associations, professional will be able to take professional development courses by simply asking their Alexa.

Even more powerfully, Chatbot will integrate into your existing e-commerce and customer support infrastructure, allowing you to both authenticate and purchase items through a conversational interface. Additionally, users and customers of your chatbot will be able interact with your customer service department so they can get the support they need when they want it.

Note: E-commerce, purchasing and subscription functionality requires additional development and integration to your existing infrastructures and systems.


Chatbot works with Fuzion by Freeman™, giving you access to easy integrations between event technology providers and a single sign-on. Whether it is your registration provider, lead retrieval system or exhibit floor mapping tool, Chatbot will be able to integrate and sync data as quickly as your provider allows.

These integrations will allow you to identify audience members quickly, provide up-to-date session information, or even send floor plan directions directly to your audience through whatever channel they'd like.

CRM,  Association Management or Marketing Automation

Whether it's Salesforce or Marketo, we can build a custom integration to track your customers in your own CRM, AMS, CDP or MDW solution.

Custom development

The future of voice or chat-based communications is wide open. As artificial intelligence becomes smarter and smarter, it will be as natural to talk to your computer as it is to talk to your family, friends, and colleagues. Whatever it is you want your conversations to support, we will work with your team to develop custom features and enhancements that tap the benefits of next-generation user interfaces.

We will work with you to develop a proposal, budget, and timeline that is within your scope. Utilizing an agile development methodology means that we will continuously iterate and improve your solution. Even more importantly, you'll get the benefits of a staff that understands the nuances and intricacies of conversation-based user interfaces. Finally, we have an exhaustive QA process that prevents major mishaps with content or functionality.

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These are just a few of the customers that have utilized Fluent chatbot to achieve their event goals. Let us know how we can help you and your brand enter the next era of chatbot!

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